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Fully Grown American Man Posts All-Growled Vocal Cover of Babymetal’s “Megitsune”… in Japanese


In advance of my pending trip to Japan I’ve become fascinated by all things Japanese. Not that I wasn’t already into Babymetal. But now I’m obsessed! I can’t get enough. They’re SO ADORABLE!! Ughhhh!!!

Now some white guy in a deathcore band called The Dialectic has posted an all-growled vocal cover of Babymetal’s biggest hit, “Megitsune,” and it’s, well… a whole lot less adorable than the original, but impressive nonetheless: it’s all in Japanese! I’m assuming he’s reading English transliterations, but still; that had to take a lot of work to learn, let alone to get it right in one take. He’s no Su-Metal, but I’d still reach right through the screen to give him a big old hug if I could.

Here’s the Babymetal original:

Thanks: Adam P.

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