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Miasmal: U Jam?


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Sometimes you feel the urge to force the action: You want something, its arrival isn’t soon enough, impatience seizes your brain, and you are compelled to scheme. That’s how a dude like me might start dreaming about creating a full-length album of metal in the style of Sweden death metal sleepers The Crown. Such a fantastical idea serves two purposes: to give waiting fan(s) what they want (an album of catchy, crushing death-n’-roll sooner than later) and to throw down the gauntlet at the feet of the actual band, The Crown. That is, they might be spurred to out-do me at doing them.

Again I state that these are the thoughts of a dude gripped by desire, so forgive this madness. And at any rate, just as I poised to clear my schedule for six months to commence work on The Cransown (working title), I’ve been relieved of this duty by a band called Miasmal. Their instant classic Cursed Redeemer (out today) is for fans of The Crown, Goatwhore, and Left Hand Path natch, but that’s just its obvious audience; no one is exempt from its attentions, none are immune to its energy, all are eligible to jam to such snappy and momentous yet violent and raging metal. Stream it all here or get started below. U jam?

Mismal’s Cursed Redeemer is out now via Century Media. Order it here

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