Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Saeculum Obscurum, Protean Collective, Polyptych


Saeculum ObscurumMunich, Germany’s Saeculum Obscurum write really solid hybrid death metal — think bits of Black Dahlia, Behemoth and even modern day Rotting Christ. New album Apotheosis is incredible well arranged and played, and the band went the extra mile with top-shelf production. Stream it in full, but skip the intro track to get straight to the meat:

MS writer Kip Wingerschmidt sent in Protean Collective and I’m really digging on their new album The Red and The Grey; it’s like all the best things about forward-thinking proggy bands like The Ocean, Textures or a much heavier Porcupine Tree but with only clean-sung vocals, and with really catchy melodies free of cheese.

Polyptych are truly their own unique beast. Their off-kilter skronkiness reminds me of Dysrhythmia, but they’re a little less far left of center than that, incorporating trace black metal influence on top of a loosely defined death metal foundation. The raw, bass-heavy production suits the music very well.


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