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Warbringer Guitarist Adam Carroll Vows Band Will Continue to Bring War


Adam Carroll

Update, 5:26 pm, 5/16/2014: The band is officially not breaking up, and are looking for a new drummer. Story here.

Why did some people doubt Warbringer’s ability to continue despite the recent loss of guitarist John Laux and drummer Carlos Cruz? I suspect that it may be because vocalist John Kevill subsequently declared, “I have my own doubts on if we can continue.” But I’m just speculating.

In any case, it looks like at least person does NOT doubt that Warbringer will continue! And that person is remaining guitarist Adam Carroll, who posted the below message on his personal Facebook page. It is incredibly poorly written, making Kevill’s own statement about “doubts on if” (WTF???) seem like the The Gettysburg Address, but it could be worse.

“I would like to clear some of the air about Warbringer. We are in no way that I feel as a member of warbringer going to stop making music and touring. We are simply in a between period until we find the right guys to make for good chemistry in the band so we can carry on. It may take time, but time is on our side and I don’t wanna rush anything to ensure we come back stronger than before! So please be patient with us. There are other factors we have to plan for as well once we have members to hit the road with again. I’ve definitely got another album in me and will gladly tour more. We’re just taking some personal time off to put the pieces back together and make a stronger monster than before. So kick back and rock n roll!!”

Theoretically, this should be good news for Warbringer fans. But allow me to be my usual optimistic self and point something out: Kevill posted on Warbringer’s FB page, but Carroll posted only his own FB page, and each musician spoke in the first person singular (“I,” not “we”). While that could mean nothing, it doesn’t exactly paint an image of united front, especially with Carroll and Kevill expressing opposing viewpoints just a couple of days apart.

So it seems entirely plausible to me that Warbringer could continue… but not before losing another member (Kevill, duh). Would that be a mortal wound to Warbringer? Would the fans care? Would they throw their support behind Carroll anyway? Maybe it won’t even come to all that. I guess we’ll just have to wait in suspense to see how this all pans out.

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