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Gwar Will Headline the Gwar-B-Q… But Who Will Sing?


5th Annual GWAR-B-QDave Brockie’s death is still sending ripples throughout the metal community. Many are looking forward to the annual Gwar-B-Q in Virginia this coming August as a catharsis of sorts, and indeed, the Gwar camp will be having a public memorial for Brockie the night before the Gwar-B-Q.

While it was previously announced that Hatebreed would headline this year’s event, now it looks as if some form of Gwar themselves will return to the stage to do so instead. This on the heels of the recent announcement that some version of the band would headline Riotfest in Chicago this September. But who will front the band in place of the mighty Oderus? Recent history tells us that bands often assemble a rotating group of close friends to fill in in such situations (see: Mitch Lucker / Suicide Silence), and it seems from a Facebook post on Gwar’s page that that could be the case here, although they’re playing coy for now:

GWAR is Sharpening Blades to Perform at the 5th Annual GWAR B-Q
Tickets go on SALE JUNE 6th

From the depths of the GWAR temple, beneath the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, mutant penguins swim towards America with news of GWAR’s triumphant return to the stage as the headliner at this year’s GWAR B-Q. The 5th annual gathering of meat, metal and mayhem will take place on Saturday, August 16th at Hadad’s Lake
(www.hadadslake.com) in Richmond, VA. Scientists work around the clock to translate the high-pitched chatter of the mutant penguin hoard as they approach landfall.

Conflicting reports indicate that GWAR’s performance will be lead by none other than, original recipe Beefcake the Mighty aka Mike Bishop or quite possibly it was misinterpreted as the Colonel’s original chicken recipe. Who knows? Be there to find out for yourself as this historic metal event unfolds.

Other random Facebook posts and tweets confirm that original Scumdog members will descend on the GWAR B-Q to bear witness to a Viking funeral for Oderus Urungus, whose form will burn upon the SS Boat as he makes his journey back to Valhalla and beyond. This public memorial will be held from 4pm-7pm on Friday, August 15th at Hadad’s Lake (www.hadadslake.com) in Richmond, VA. and is open to even the lowliest of bohabs.

Having an original member come back to the fold would certainly be fitting. That begs the question: are the two above dates just one-offs, or is the band making plans to continue as a fully functional touring and recording act? I guess we’ll find out.

[via Metal Insider]

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