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Internet Seemingly Unaware That Misfits Logo Was Co-Opted by Pop Culture a Long Time Ago


5 Seconds of Summer MisfitsThere are some bands that, if you see someone wearing their shirt, chances are, that person is a legit fan. For example, there has not been a large trend to date of random people just walking around in Prostitute Disfigurement shirts. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is gonna purchase a Mgła shirt just because they think it looks cool. If you spot someone walking down the street in a Vaginal Penetration of an Amelus with a Musty Carrot hoodie, it’s a safe better that that someone can actually carry on a conversation about Vaginal Penetration of an Amelus with a Musty Carrot. For whatever reason, these groups have yet to catch on with the mainstream.

But there are other bands whose merch is, quite frankly, completely meaningless insofar as telling you whether or not the person wearing that merch is an actual fan. At this point, if you see someone in vintage-looking Maiden or Metallica gear, there’s like a 70/30 chance they don’t even listen to vintage Maiden or Metallica. I guarantee you that Black Flag have sold more shirts than albums. And the Misfits’ logo has been spread across more chests than all the jism in the history of porn.

So it’s pretty surprising that people are all up in arms over the fact that one of the members of some horrible pop band called 5 Seconds of Summer wore a Misfits shirt at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. Metal Injection collected some of the more amusing tweets expressing outrage over the tweenie bopper’s choice of attire:

Seriously, guys? The time to be outraged over posers wearing Misfits merch was probably twenty-to-twenty-five years ago, not present day. That war is long over. You know how you can tell that the Misfits logo has gained popularity far outside the punk and metal scene? Because Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only over ownership of the design. I assure you that this is happening because Misfits merch is profitable. You’re not likely to see a lawsuit over Cro-Mags shirts anytime soon, y’know?

Oh well. If there’s something to be mad about, the internet will get mad about it, I guess.

And so, in conclusion, I present this final tweet, which is far and away my favorite of the bunch. I can’t tell if the guy is kidding or trolling or what, but it’s hilarious:


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