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Patriotic Feminist Ronnie Radke Commemorates Memorial Day with 9/11 Joke

  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday — Memorial Day, a day specifically meant to, y’know, memorialize everyone who died while fighting for the United States’ armed forces — Ronnie Radke, Falling in Reverse frontman and noted champion of equality amongst the sexes, posted this on his social networks (it’s since been deleted, but Lambgoat got a screen cap):


Needless to say, people were really offended. And I was one of those people. Not because I hate jokes about 9/11 because I was in Manhattan when it happened and I remember what it was like to hopelessly watch the chaos, the destruction, and the despair. Just because the joke isn’t really funny. In fact, until Radke explained it as part of his apology…

…I didn’t even really get it. I mean, the structure of the joke is totally fucked. Here’s another one of those things I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain, but jokes are all set-up and payoff. The set-up here is that a guy can’t go have sex because he has to work as a pilot, and the pay-off is that once he finds out the woman isn’t menstruating, he’s willing to fly his plane into her office just to fuck her. Except Radke never clued anyone in that the man’s reluctance to have sex with the woman was due to her period; the set-up wasn’t about avoiding “running a red light,” it was about getting a new job. So the punchline is basically not at all related to the set-up.

Also, do pilots really say “I just got a job at the airport?” Wouldn’t they say “I just got a job with an airline”? It’s hard for me to imagine any commercial airline pilot telling people “I work at the airport.” Because that would make it sound like the pilot worked at the food court or the duty free shop or whatever.

So basically Ronnie Radke is so dumb that he can’t communicate a simple joke in a coherent manner. Little wonder that before he apologized for the post, he offered this eloquent explanation:

You’re so right, Ronnie. Lie is short. Schmuck.Ronnie Radke Lie is Short

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