Kirk Windstein’s Beard “Walks With Knowledge Wisely” in New Crowbar Video


Random and completely superficial thoughts about Crowbar’s new video for “Walk With Knowledge Wisely:”

  • Kirk’s beard is looking AWESOME. I love those magely white mustache streaks! That’s how you age in style, folks.
  • Kirk’s arms and legs are almost entirely covered in tattoos now.
  • Guitarist Matthew Brunson’s King Diamond t-shirt is sweet.
  • Bassist Jeff Golden’s shirt is even sweeter — is that a Hammer Fight shirt?? Holy shit, those mo’s must be so stoked!!
  • Continuing with the shirts, Kirk’s is the least cool. Randall? C’mon.
  • Wrapping up my superficial commentary on shirts, drummer Tommy Buckley is wearing a Paiste shirt… it scores a “medium” on the coolness rank of shirts in this particular video, but I’ll bet the cymbal maker is super happy about it.
  • Kirk is so familiar and Jewy looking up close! Like, I’m pretty sure his cousin was my Hebrew School teacher.
  • I really dig the close-up shots of the snare drum and of Kirk’s lower leg and foot.
  • The fire, smoke and cracklature effects strike me as unnecessary, but I understand why the director felt the need to spice up the video.

Symmetry in Black came out this week via eOne. Order it here.

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