Today in Supergroups: Voodoo Gods + Gruesome


Super FriendsHere are two thematically related, but not actually, related, stories about which you might like to know:


Relapse has signed Gruesome, and “old-school death metal supergroup” consisting of Exhumed’s Matt Harvey on guitar and vocals, Possessed’s Daniel Gonzalez on guitars, Derketa’s Robin Mazen on bass, and drummer Gus Rios, who, you may recall, was recently fired from Malevolent Creation for not being as stupid as Phil Fasciana. While the band’s debut won’t be out ’til early next year, you can stream a couple of demo tracks from their Bandcamp page below. It sounds very Death-esque, which isn’t surprising, given that the project was apparently founded by Harvey and Rios while they were both part of the Death to All. Crank it:


Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and Nuclear Rabbits bassist Jean Baudin are both involved in the band Voodoo God, whose new video for the song “Renaissance of Retribution” can be viewed below. The clip isn’t any special, but the song is super br00tal, so definitely give it a shot. According to The PRP, the group’s new album, Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness, will be out July 28.

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