Shit That Comes Out Today

Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 1, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

DESASTER Live in Bamberg

Part of enjoying Shit That Comes Out Today is knowing that some weeks require a bit less time and permit a bit more focus! Plus, now you get time to go back through your library and spin up some old classics alongside these new releases (that’s my plan anyhow). Do a bit of comparing and contrasting! Jam on!


Every Time I Die - From Parts UnknownEvery Time I Die
From Parts Unknown (Epitaph)
On a playlist with: Norma Jean, The Chariot, The Bled
Listen From Parts Unknown full stream (here)

If you spin one song from From Parts Unknown, make it this one. (Btw, that link is NSFW due to tits and a weird dick. Weird dick!) And that’s an example of what makes Every Time I Die a fun band. The music is fun, i.e. it’s wild, it’s hairy, and it’s even a bit more outrageous than Norma Jean. And while Norma Jean’s Wrongdoers is an all-around better album, this new ETID jam is great in its own right, even with the dick.


Drunk Dad Ripper KillerDrunk Dad
Ripper Killer (Eolian Empire)
On a playlist with: Rabbits, Portlandia
Listen Ripper Killer full stream (here)

Nothing like a song titled “Fuck In Garbage” from a band named Drunk Dad. As if “Whiskey Liver” and “Worthless” weren’t enough to describe your childhood, DD has to lay on the shame/guilt/post-trauma through their oddly sickening musak. I say musak because it’s all very behind-the-scenes and disorientating. I’m trying to figure out if Ripper Killer is at all likable, but usually it’s not a good sign when it takes this long to decide. Am I supposed to consume this ironically?


Death VomitDeath Vomit
Gutted By Horrors (Xtreem)
On a playlist with: Jasad, Siksakubur, Noxa
Listen Gutted By Horrors full stream (here)

Chile, eh? One of my favorite pastimes is discovering bands from the rest of the world. It gives you a nudge out of the tried-and-true ways of doing things. Immediately you’ll notice that Gutted By Horrors was not produced on a huge budget — the recording quality could use some help! But you will notice that the frantic and sheer intensity from Death Vomit is something to hold dear.


Dormiveglia (Church Of Fuck/Sell Your Soul)
On a playlist with: Swinelord, Iced Out, Razoreater
Listen “State Of Constant Slumber” (here)

Any dudes who name their label “Church Of Fuck” are bound to be kickass dudes who would then naturally sign kickass bands. (Also that album art is wicked.) So just lean back and let those sweet and awful noises sink right into you. Dormiveglia is one of those albums hellbent on incessancy — that constant tugging, yanking, and bulging. Good thing this outfit is known as Trudger, because trudging through a swamp of worms is about how Dormiveglia feels.


Madball Hardcore LIvesMadball
Hardcore Lives (Black N Blue)
On a playlist with: Terror, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All
Listen “Doc Marten Stomp” and “DNA” (here)

Hm, usually we at STCOT brandish two huge thumbs up for solid metallic hardcore, regardless of its (un)originality; the genre takes pretty well to replication. But something about Hardcore Lives seems just too literal. Maybe it’s the cheesy lyrics or workmanlike guitars. Maybe it’s that I just listened to Trudger and Death Vomit and now my brain is totally tuned out for anything coherent.


The Grasshopper Lies Heavy Every Man For HimselfOTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

The Dead Rabbitts Shapeshifter (Tragic Hero) listen
¤ Desaster Live In Bamberg documentary 2CD/2DVD (High Roller) watch watch watch
Desecration Cemetery Sickness (Metal Age) listen
Eternal Oblivion Human Fields (HPGD) listen
» The Grasshopper Lies Heavy Every Man For Himself And God Against All reissue (Crowquill) listen
Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live At The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas (UMe) watch
Illdisposed With The Lost Souls On Our Side (Massacre) listen
Yakuza Amount To Nothing reissue (War Crime) listen
Yakuza Way Of The Dead reissue (War Crime) listen

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