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Here’s How a Metal Band of 14-Year-Olds Got 20,000 Facebook Likes in Two Days


For those unfamiliar, Humans of New York is a Facebook page that posts snapshots of individuals from the streets of the city we call home along with a few sentences about their personal struggle. It’s a fantastic page and a welcome addition to any newsfeed, but what you really need to know about it is that it’s got 7.5 million likes. Getting a mention on HONY is kind of like a New Yorker’s version of having your book featured on Oprah.

Which is exactly what happened to the gentleman below, a proud father and manager of his son’s heavy metal band, Xero Gravity:

Within 24 hours of the HONY feature Xero Gravity had amassed nearly 23,000 new “likes,” a gargantuan feat by any standard, made all the more impressive by how young they are:

Xero GravitySo if you’re in an unsigned band looking to get noticed, the formula’s simple: land a feature on Humans of New York. Duh, easy!

A bit of unsolicited advice for Mr. Father if he’s reading this: turn off the feature that requires a “like” to listen to the band’s music. It may’ve paid dividends here, but it’s bad policy otherwise if you want folks to check the band out.

Listen to Xero Gravity at Reverb Nation. These guys are certainly way better than my band was when I was 14!

Thanks: Elia A.

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