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This is What It’s Like to Be Converge Drummer Ben Koller


Ever had a dream where you were Ben Koller, or harbored a fantasy where you were able to walk in his shoes for a day, or even just an hour-long Converge set? I couldn’t blame you: as the drummer for Converge, Mutoid Man, United Nations and a handful of other bands over the years, dude’s been there and done that, whatever “that” is that any aspiring metal drummer might be seeking.

Scientists haven’t figured out a way to temporarily live inside someone else’s body yet, but they have invented the GoPro. Koller’s head-cam footage of Converge ripping apart “Trespasses” at the Rain Fest in Seattle this past May gives a pretty good approximation of what it’s like to be the man himself. And, good lord, is there any doubt that drummers have the most physically demanding job in any band?

[via The PRP]

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