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Voivod’s New Bassist Has the Eye of the Tiger


On Friday, we learned that Voivod bassist Jean-Yves Thériault, a.k.a. “Blacky,” has quit the band for the second time — stinky news on its own, sure, but even stinkier because the group was scheduled to play the Festival Jonquiere En Musique in Quebec on Saturday, meaning they needed a new bass player, STAT.

And a new bass player they got indeed: his name is Dominic Laroche, or, since everyone in Voivod gets a fun nickname, “Rocky.” His previous credits aren’t at all related to metal, but we can assume that if Voivod has hired him, dude can handle his shit.

Here’s a video of the group’s new line-up (Rocky is second from the right), courtesy of Annie Lev

Voivod 2014

…and here’s some fan-filmed video of Rocky making his live debut with Voivod, courtesy of Blabbermouth. Do you think Laroche makes a suitable addition to the band, or are you just so super heartbroken about Blacky’s departure that you’re all, “Screw this guy!”?

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