Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Sunday To St-St-St-Stutter

0 I w-w-was in elemen-n-n-n-ntary school I had a very good friend who used to st-st-stutter and was understandably self c-c-c-conscious about it.  Regrettably our circle of friends would make fun of him about it when it was his turn to get teased (but believe me, we all got it for whatever the others could pick on us for), yet obviously the affliction was beyond his c-c-c-control…

However, in the wide world of music, s-s-s-sometimes stuttering is employed as a stylistic device to great success.  Take The Who’s s-s-s-seminal classic “My Generation”, in which pinball wizard Roger Daltrey chooses to stutter out certain words for effect:

And around the time I was in elementary school mocking my poor friend (who eventually grew out of his stutter, by the way), 80s mainstay Def Leppard was using the same technique in dirty rock anthem “Foolin’”:

When you really start to th-th-think about it there are plenty of stuttering classics.  Bowie r-r-r-rocked it for his famous song “Changes”:

Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” was another j-j-j-jam:

Long Island’s native son Billy Joel got in on the action with “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”:

And of course Elton John in “Bennie and the Jets”:

Even biker b-b-b-baddass George Thorogood got d-d-d-down with “Bad to the Bone”:

How could we forget about modern classic “She’s Got That Vibe” by poet R.Kelly?

And in our beloved metal scene the new Every Time I Die single uses a stutter in one lyric:

What other songs am I missing?  W-w-w-w-weigh in below…

(special thanks to Metal Mykee, Meghann Wright, and Drew Roulette for the suggestions…..l-l-l-love youse guys! <3)

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