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Under Armour Made a Metal-Themed Athletic T-Shirt


under_armour_metalDid Under Armour take a hint from our Johan Hegg endorsement spoof or is there a metalhead at the company with enough juice to greenlight a vanity project?

Either way, I need one of these new “Men’s UA Treestand Hunter” t-shirts immediately. I play on an adult baseball club (not softball!), and I’m always looking for ways to metallize my gameday outfit: my current chilly-weather get-up includes this Exhumed 3/4-sleeve baseball shirt but I haven’t really got a good summertime top (sorry, it’s just too fucking hot for black cotton).

Aside from boasting an absolutely badass design on the back with a death metallized version of the classic UA logo over the chest, the shirt’s “Charged Cotton” fabric “has the comfort of cotton, but dries much faster” and possesses all sorts of magic anti-odor and sweat-reducing properties in its cotton/polyester hybrid makeup. Just what a past-his-prime old-fart playing a kids’ game needs to get the most out of his Saturday afternoon!

Bonus points to Under Armour for fittingly and somewhat hilariously hiring a guy with a tattoo to model this shirt for their store.

Buy yours right here! Just got one myself.

[via Metal Injection]

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