Best Video Ever of the Day: When Puberty and Suicide Silence Vocal Covers Meet


Puberty is a very special time in the development of any human male. You’ve got a few squiggly pubes squirming their way out from under your upper-pubic area skin, you experience your first orgasm, discover the exciting and dangerous world of heavy metal, maybe touch your first boob if you’re lucky… oh, the fun! You’ve almost reach manhood, where true freedom awaits! Until the heart-wrenching defeat of voice cracks ground you back into reality with a dull thud.

Dude clearly knows he possesses a very special skill — such impressive range! — and I commend him for embracing it and just going for it (YOLO, after all). He should totally start a band and make this style of vocals a “thing.” But would he be able to sustain this approach over time or would full manhood claim this most individual of talents? Only one way to find out.

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