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Exclusive Album Stream: Columns’ Please Explode


Columns - Please ExplodeGiven that their new album is called Please Explode, and that they count amongst their ranks current and former members Hemdale, Wretched, Glass Casket, and Vehemence, that fact that Columns TOTALLY WRECK SHIT isn’t the least bit surprising. Please Explode sounds like a thirty-car pileup, if each of those cars just so happened to be transporting containers of nuclear waste, ebola, ammunition, and Mexican firecrackers. It’s carnage wrapped in chaos wrapped in torment wrapped in more carnage. It will tear your head off and use it to play soccer. It’s actually quite shocking that they used the word “please” in the title, because it sounds like it could be called I’m Going to Nail Your Dick to the Wall and Rip Your Jaw Off and Shove This Stick of Dynamite Down Your Throat. There is absolutely nothing polite about it.

Or, put more simply: IT’S FUCKIN’ GREAT!!!

Stream Columns’ Please Explode below. It comes out August 5 on Relapse. Pre-order physical copies here and digital copies here!!!

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