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And Now, Here’s a Ska Medley of Ride the Lightning

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ride the Lightning 30th Anniversary

Like Christmas or the news that Attack Attack! have broken up, today’s thirtieth anniversary of Metallica’s Ride the Lightning is a sacred holiday, and as such, everyone should be allowed to celebrate it in his or her own special way. Reader Alex P. and his band, Bacchanalian Bliss, chose to celebrate the holiday by recording a ska medley of Lightning. This may seem unusual, or downright offensive, like singing “Dayenu” in German. But like I said, religious tolerance means a lot to us here at MetalSucks! We mustn’t judge these fellows.

Also, truth be told, this is pretty good! I don’t even like ska. Just goes to show, for the billionth time, the importance of good songwriting: even a genre of music that tends to be pretty irritating can’t diminish the power of Lightning.

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