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Did Lamb of God’s Chris Adler Play Drums on the New Slipknot Album?


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Slipknot released a new song last week called “The Negative One,” their first in six years and their first without late bassist Paul Gray and ousted drummer Joey Jordison. While we can make an educated guess that Donnie Steel, the band’s current touring bassist, perhaps laid down the bass tracks on the new album, we have less than no idea about who played drums. But a MetalSucks reader known as “hotbbq2001” has emailed us to share his theory on the matter:

Ok yes it is all speculative, but hear me out.

I’ve been a slipknot fan since the 1st album came out, and a lamb of god fan since ashes of the wake came out. I’m also a drummer. Not a “Neal Peart is god mike portnoy paradiddles and rudiments!” drummer, I just play drums and I play along to LOG often.

I’ve listened to “The Negative One” several times now, and I’m telling you: that’s Chris adler. The mix sounds just like his tracks from sacrament. It also sounds like his black panther snare. But most of all, there are a lot of “flam” fills all over the song, VERY typical of what Chris does on almost every LOG song. (Think the intro to “Forgotten Lost Angels” and the pre-chorus on “The Faded Line” etc.

Again, I could be wrong, but if I’m right, just remember- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

That’s certainly an interesting theory, Mr. hotbbq2001! Sounds like you know way more about drums — and Chris Adler’s style — than I do, so I’ll take your word on that part of it. Listening to the new Slipknot track with your comments in mind, I hear what you’re saying about the flam fills — I totally hear it.

On the practically side of it, there is certainly precedent: Chris Adler played drums on Protest the Hero’s most recent album when the band parted ways with their former drummer. And we all know he’s more than capable: he’s one of the best drummers working in metal today. So: it seems plausible! This in no way, shape or form is us saying Chris Adler definitely did play drums on the new Slipknot album, but it certainly seems like it’s within the realm of possibility — more, given the sonic similarities outlined above — and wouldn’t it be pretty neat?

Chime in with your opinions below.

For reference, here’s “The Negative One” next to the two Lamb of God tracks referenced.


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