Protest the Hero Celebrate Newfoundland and Kiss Fish in New Video for “Mist”


Protest the Hero fish kissProtest the Hero’s new video for “Mist,” a song about the band’s love affair with the Canadian maritime province of Newfoundland — which I learned from watching this video is pronounced “New-finned-LAND,” not “New-FOUND-land” — opens with the band members talking about a crazy show (in Newfoundland, duh) at which the audience was so rabid they pushed the entire stage back a good three feet, and finished by holding up former drummer Moe Carlson’s drum riser on their own shoulders.

I totally understand why the fans are so crazed — Newfoundlound is incredibly isolated and they probably don’t get a whole lot of metal bands coming through — and from these clips I can also get a good idea of why Protest the Hero like going there so much: it’s friggin’ beautiful, kind of like coastal Maine but way more intense (icebergs! foxes! puffins!). It’s also like halfway to friggin’ Greenland from here. And now I really wanna go visit.

Here’s the video, which premiered on the band’s spiffy new official website. Check out the ode-to-Newfoundland lyrics here if you like; it’s good stuff.

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