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Exclusive Track Premiere: “Flesh for Flies,” the First New Rigor Mortis Song in Nearly 25 Years!!!


Rigor Mortis - Slaves to the GraveIf you were to make a list of the metal albums most desperately clamored for by fans, Rigor Mortis‘ Slaves to the Grave would have to be right near the top. It’s been a quarter of a century since the storied Texas speedsters’ original line-up of Mike Scaccia (guitars), Bruce Corbitt (vocals), Casey Orr (bass) and Harden Harrison (drums) recorded together, during which time the world has seen hordes of inferior imitators come and go. So, yeah: Rigor Mortis fans could teach Necrophagist fans a thing or two about being patient.

At least that patience has finally paid off! Slaves to the Grave will finally be released on October 7. Its arrival is bittersweet — on the one hand, it will most surely meet fans’ expectations and then some, and seems destined to create a whole new generation of Rigor Mortis acolytes; on the other hand, Scaccia passed away in 2012 as the result of a heart attack, which would be tragic under any circumstances, but is all the more so because it means Slaves to the Grave is a reunion album and a farewell album.

But like we said, Slaves to the Grave totally wrecks, and is a fitting tribute to Scaccia’s musical legacy. Need proof? Look no further than “Flesh for Flies,” the first publicly-released track from Grave, which we are thrilled to now be debuting right here on MetalSucks. The song is intended as an homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 — yes, the fucknuts crazy one with Dennis Hopper — and it’s easy to imagine Leatherface and the rest of the Sawyer clan loving it. “Flesh for Flies” roars to life just like the movie’s titular tool, then explodes like a swarm of ravenous monsters; it will make you feel like a fish is gutting you as revenge for all the fish Man has gutted over the years. Like Leatherface himself, it is devoid of empathy or mercy. And like Chainsaw 2, it’s bleakly droll: if lyrics like “I’ll grind your bones/ I’ll eat your soul/ I’ll use your skull as a dinner bowl” don’t make you laugh at least a little, you must have already fallen victim to Leatherface’s motorized blade.

Stream “Flesh for Flies” below. As we said before, Rigor Mortis’ Slaves to the Grave will be released October 7; pre-orders should be available soon! There will be a record release show at The Curtain Club in Dallas on September 27, at which the band will be selling the album a full ten days before it comes out. They’ll also be playing a Scaccia tribute set under the moniker “Wizards of Gore” at the second annual Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival the weekend of October 23 in Austin. Should be killer!

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