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This New Xerath Song Will “Hold Dominion” Over You


Xerath - IIIIf I discovered a genie in a bottle nestled beneath the years’ and years’ worth of crap we have here at the MetalSucks Mansion I’d wish Xerath become the most popular metal band in the world overnight. The ratio of how good this band is to how few people give a crap is so startlingly low, and I just can’t take it! They’ve been kicking out insanely nuanced proggy death metal jams since 2009, and they’ve yet to falter.

III will come out on September 16th, and if “I Hold Dominion” is any indication it won’t be disappointing in the slightest. The first track we’re hearing is a bit more straight-forward than anything from their first two albums, but it’s no less intricately crafted. If that juxtaposition doesn’t make any sense, try this: in the way Devin Townsend took his own brand of zaniness to its pop songcraft extreme on Addicted, so too have Xerath presented the most song-focused versions of themselves here. Then again this is just one song, and III holds a whopping fourteen of them, so it’s not a stretch to think that anything at all could be in store. Pre-order III here.

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