Xerath Come to Their Xend

  • Axl Rosenberg

Another good band bites the dust.

Xerath have announced that they’re splitting up after three albums, the most recent of which, III, just so happened to be one of my favorites of 2014. The culprit, according to a statement released by the band on Facebook, is that most dreaded of band dividers, “creative differences.”

Softening the blow ever-so-slightly is that the band have used this opportunity to release one final song, called, appropriately enough, “Regret.” Unfortunately, the song RULES, which makes the news of the band’s break-up all the sadder.

Read the band’s entire statement below, and then listen to “Regret” below that, and then go get drunk to ease the pain of Xerath breaking up on the same day Nickelback released a new single.

“It is with extremely heavy hearts that we formally announce Xerath has come to an end. There are many reasons we came to this decision but ultimately it is down to creative differences within the band. Xerath has been a huge part of our lives over the last 9 years, and the time has come to move on to other creative ventures.

“Of course we would firstly like to thank our passionate fans for believing in what we did. We’re sorry we were not able to visit many of you during our touring cycles, but similarly to a lot of bands the oppourtunities never arose despite our best efforts. We would also like to thank the metal press for the great reviews and features you gave us since our very first interview in Kerrang! back in 2009, and not forgetting the publications that continued to hate on our music which only served to spur us on further.

“Special thanks to those close to Xerath personally who encouraged and helped us grow as a band over our 9 year existence. We couldn’t have survived this long without you.

“So this is farewell from Xerath but we all continue to pursue different musical projects and endeavours which

“We will keep you updated with. As a parting gift, we present the song ‘Regret,’ our last recording together as a band. Please enjoy and thank you all once again.”

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