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Video: Behind the Scenes of a Mastodon Show


I really enjoy the fact that Mastodon bassist/vocalist is a family man: his brother Darren is the band’s current guitar tech, bass tech and stage manager, and his other brother Kyle (ex-Bloodsimple, MonstrO, and current Hellyeah bassist) has filled that role at various times in the past. May as well keep things close to home and have someone you really trust handling the important behind-the-scenes elements of a show, ya know?

Gibson recently put together the above video of Darren Sanders talking about what it’s like to be Mastodon’s guitar tech and stage manager. It’d be nice if he was able to get a bit more specific about the ins-and-outs of Mastodon’s gear — i.e. what specifically is in the “B rig” the band keeps in Europe — but I do enjoy the details he does give, and the nuggets of wisdom he shares about life on the road with Mastodon.

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