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This New Anaal Nathrakh Song Will Make the Duo Your “Idol”s


Anaal Nathrakh - DesideratumAs promised, today Metal Blade revealed details of the new Anaal Nathrakh album, Desideratum, as well as the first single from that album, “Idol”: the album drops October 28, just in time to qualify for those all-important year-end lists, and can be pre-ordered here.

Meanwhile, you can check “Idol” below. Feel free to disagree with me (as though you needed permission!), but it seems especially savage and dynamic to me, even by Anaal Nathrakh standards (OMG THAT GUITAR SOLO). I was already excited for Desideratum, but now I have a full-on chubby goin’. I’m not complaining.

Do yourself a favor and crank this shit STAT:

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