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Corrupt Moral Altar: U Jam?

  • Anso DF

Corrupt Moral Altar

Like charity, a celebrity endorsement seems simple enough: Famous dude tips rest of world to cool thing. But it might not be that simple, as it could be a function of a working entertainer’s survival instinct. In other words: Famous dude rushes to forge an association with cool thing for profit and profile. Take Dave Grohl, who in the last couple years has attached himself to storied recording studios, rock mega-icons, metal’s headline-grabbers, and the biggest band in crossover country music. Or how about Jeff Walker, who came out in favor of a white-hot but polarizing Japanese extreme metal act fronted by three teen girls? Innocent or not? Cool guy being cool or desperate branding machine going full retard?

In a business that depends on visibility and markets, you’d go crazy trying to figure it out. But Walker’s two appearances on the debut of Corrupt Moral Altar leave little doubt: Though the Liverpool quartet’s promise in our modest extreme metal world is limitless — cuz they are awesome! — their success guarantees little kickback for their supporters in Carcass (Walker) and Napalm Death (fellow guest Mitch Harris). So to sign off on CMA is a square solid, cuz dudes like us will look twice at an unknown record with those names on it. But CMA seems to ensure that these guest spots are pure in spirit — by making nearly zero mention of them or the nature of their contributions. It’s baffling or overthought or (gasp) punk. So what’s the point of it all, you ask? Who cares! U jam?

Corrupt Moral Altar’s debut Mechanical Tides came out in July on Season Of Mist. Get it here and here.

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