Let There Be a Trailer for the Documentary Let There Be Gwar!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Although it still has no release date, there is now a nine-minute (!!!) trailer for Let There Be Gwar, a new documentary about the history of the New Kids on the Block. I’m kidding, obviously. I think the subject of the doc is fairly self-explanatory.

ANYWHOOZLE, it looks really interesting! For years I deliberately avoided knowing too much about Gwar outside the narrative of the band (aliens here to fuck shit up, etc.), because I loved that operatic, theatrical element of the group so much that I didn’t really see the point in seeking out interviews with the members unmasked and just being themselves. But I’ve finally accepted that there is no Santa Claus, and I’ve come to accept that Oderus Urungus was really just a (incredibly cool) dude named Dave Brockie who was just trying to rock out (with his fake cock out) and have some fun. So this doc, whenever it comes out, will be entertaining and educational.

[via Metal Injection]

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