Nevermore’s 2008 DVD The Year of the Voyager Now Available for Free Streaming Online


Nevermore - The Year of the VoyagerSeems as if our little debate about whether the modern metal fan cares about Sanctuary or whether they’re just known as “that band Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard were in before Nevermore” may have just answered itself: Century Media is now actively using Nevermore as a marketing tool to promote Sanctuary’s forthcoming reunion album. Which is a smart tack, I suppose; there’s an entire generation of metal fans who have no idea who Sanctuary are. Shit, Nevermore haven’t released an album in nearly five years… there’s basically even a whole generation of metal heads who don’t know who they are!

A press release announcing that Sanctuary just shot a music video also prominently touts in its headline that Nevermore’s 2008 DVD The Year of the Voyager — shot in Germany in 2006 — has been made available in its entirety, completely for free, on YouTube. And this is great news! It serves as a reminder for just how powerful, impressive and dominating a live act Nevermore were. I only saw them once, on the Obsidian Conspiracy tour in 2010 or 2011, but from the very first note when they took the stage… WOW. That impressive. Just a wall of power and tightness. Mind-bottling. And Van Williams… FUCK! Can we get that guy back in some band playing live again?? The under-appreciated backbone of the Nevermore operation.

Here’s The Year of the Voyager in full. I’m not huge a fan of the editing style, but it is what it is. Enjoy:

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