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Listen to “Arise and Purify,” the First New Sanctuary Track in 25 Years


Sanctuary - The Year the Sun DiedTwenty-five years is a LONG time between albums! So it’s no surprise that lead singer Warrel Dane’s voice sounds completely different in Sanctuary 2k14 than it did in Sanctuary 1989. Gone (mostly) are the high-pitched squeals of yesteryear, replaced with the tenor croons of today.

I mean, we knew to expect this — it’s not like Dane disappeared during that time frame — but perhaps the most surprising thing is how much I feel like the new Sanctuary song “Arise and Purify” sounds like Nevermore. In other words, how integral a part Warrel Dane’s voice was to the overall sound of that band. OK, it doesn’t sound THAT much like Nevermore when you get down to it — these riffs are way simpler than anything Jeff Loomis ever wrote, and the drums aren’t nearly as tight and hard-hitting as those of Van Williams — but still, THAT VOICE! You know what I mean?

So now’s your chance to weigh in: will the 2014 metal populace care about Sanctuary? Listen to “Arise and Purify” via Brave Words and weigh in below. The Year The Sun Died comes out on October 6th via Century Media, although no pre-order is available yet for some silly reason; guess Century doesn’t want your monies!

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