Former Vocalist for the Original Divine Heresy and Current Vocalist for the New Divine Heresy Reveals that Current Vocalist for the Original Divine Heresy Doesn’t Know What’s Happening with Divine Heresy

  • Axl Rosenberg

Last week, original Divine Heresy vocalist Tommy Vext and Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung announced that they were reviving the long-dormant Divine Heresy. But then founding Divine Heresy guitarist Dino Cazares was like “No you’re not, I’m working on new Divine Heresy music with Travis Neal!”, who took over as vocalist for Divine Heresy after Vext and Cazares had a falling out. And, thus, it seemed that the world was about to be divinely blessed with two Divine Heresies.

But now the story takes a another turn! Vext has released the below text exchange he had with Neal earlier this year, along with the hashtag #UseYourIllusion:

Tommy Vext and Travis NealHoly crap, do you know how bad things have to be for someone to say “working with Shaun Glass is so much nicer” than working with Dino Cazares?  I mean, Glass does not have a reputation for being a cool co-worker/boss/whatever. So that’s basically like saying, “Working with Mussolini is so much nicer than working with Hitler.”

ANYWAY, this makes it seem as though Dino’s counter-announcement was made only to prevent Tommy and Tim from relaunching Divine Heresy without him. It also makes it seem as though Travis Neal is not going to be involved in Dino’s Divine Heresy, especially given that Vext just blew up his spot and showed the world that he doesn’t exactly hold Dino in the highest regard. Now Dino will have to recruit a third singer for the old Divine Heresy while Tommy and Tim search for a guitarist and bassist for the new Divine Heresy. If I were Dino, I’d get Dan Nelson because it would make for the funniest possible next development in this ongoing saga. And if I were Tommy and Tim, I’d get Ava Devine to play bass (because let’s be real, anyone can play bass) and call the new Divine Heresy “Devine Heresy” because that would instantly give them the advantage in the Divine Heresies’ battle for dominance. Devine Heresy might or might not make worthwhile music, but they’d get the attention of sexless IMNs everywhere, that’s for sure.Devine Heresy



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