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Ted “Nostradamus” Nugent Predicts 9/11 Anniversary Attacks, Advises Americans and Europeans to Stock Up on Firearms


ted nugent iron patriotAmerica’s Sweetheart, Ted Nugent, has issued the following warning to the legal citizens of the United States, as well as our friends in Europe:

Nugent has yet to reveal the origin of his intel, but sources close to the guitarist tell MetalSucks he may have received a phone message from the same man who attempted to warn Gloria Cavalera about the original 9/11 attacks, the U.S.’s subsequent economic issues, and the return of the McRib to McDonald’s (albeit for a limited time only).

In semi-related news, I’ll be off the rest of the day so as to figure out how I might purchase weapons and ammo without enduring the legaly required waiting period, lest I be one of the  gullible naive embarrassing ill prepared targets. Remember what the man says, people: only asholes are outgunned!!!

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