...And F*ck You Too

Psycho Analysis: Diagnose Yourself Based on Your Favorite Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

Freud Horns

METALLICA: You’re in denial.
SLAYER: You fear change.
ANTHRAX: You’re antisocial.
MEGADETH: Paranoia.
TED NUGENT: Amnesia.
DEF LEPPARD: Pyromania.
CLOUDKICKER: Nephophobia.
FEAR FACTORY: Factoryphobia.
JESU: You’re chronically depressed.
TOOL: You’re a masochist.
EMMURE: You’re a sadist.
ARSIS: You have commitment issues.
BLACK VEIL BRIDES: Gender identity disorder.
THE OCEAN: Impulse control disorder.
MALEVOLENT CREATION: You’re a chronic liar.
THE SWORD: You’re overly nostalgic.
PIG DESTROYER: You’re overly romantic.
CANNIBAL CORPSE: You don’t have any mental issues, but you do have terrible acne.
PORTAL: You’re psychotic.
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN: You’re schizophrenic.
MARTY FRIEDMAN: Yellow fever.
RINGS OF SATURN: You’re a technophile.
BABYMETAL: You’re a pedophile.
BLACK SABBATH: You’re a necrophile.
WINTERSUN: You suffer from delusions of grandeur.
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY: You suffer from alcoholism.
DOWN: You suffer from marijuana addiction.
ALICE IN CHAINS: You suffer from heroin addiction.
VINNIE VINCENT: You suffer from cocaine addiction.
MOTLEY CRUE: You suffer from sex addiction.
ANAL CUNT: You suffer from porn addiction.
GOATWHORE: You suffer from addiction to bestiality.
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED: You suffer from agoraphobia (duh).
DEVIN TOWNSEND: You suffer from insomnia.
ALL THAT REMAINS: You suffer from impostor syndrome.
NAPALM DEATH:  You suffer.
THY ART IS MURDER: You’re mentally handicapped.

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