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Getting Stoked for Revocation’s New Album Deathless


Revocation - DeathlessThis “making of” video for Revocation’s forthcoming album Deathless is possibly the most gorgeous-looking videos of its kind I’ve ever seen. It’s got high quality, pro-shot live footage of the band ripping it, and it’s just so… professional! It feels like a real movie preview or something. Props to Naughty Mantis Productions, who also made that Whitechapel documentary and a behind-the-scenes clip for pop star Iggy Azalea (!), for the great work.

It’s also one of the most informative “making of” videos of recent vintage I can remember watching. Instead of cell phone shots of band members in the studio talking about things that are kind of relevant while a click track blares in the background, this one features real interviews with all four band members talking specifically about this album and its writing and recording process. The kind of stuff you actually want to know about.

Most importantly, this video’s got me really psyched up for the release of Deathless, even more so than I already was. And it’s just the first of three episodes.

Deathless comes out on October 14th and can be pre-ordered here.

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