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Most Metal Birds Ever: These Entirely Black Chickens Cost $2,500 Each


Black Chicken Ayam CemaniHow BLACK do you want your chicken to be???

No, we’re not talking about a cajun-style char. And we’re not talking about regular old dark meat. Geekologie has a feature on the Ayam Cemani Chicken, a rare species native to Indonesia that’s known for one thing in particular: it’s entirely black. Not just the feathers, but the entire thing — the skin, beak, meat, organs, bones, EVERYTHING — thanks to a genetic condition called “fibromelanosis.” The chicken’s blood is the only thing on its body that isn’t black, although supposedly it runs a darker shade of red.

Seeing an entirely black chicken in a coop is one thing — check out the video below for some live action — but can you imagine walking into your neighborhood grocery store and seeing THIS:


Yuck! Thankfully just one Ayam Cemani will run you about $2,500, so don’t expect one of these to be popping up on your dinner plate anytime soon. Inb4 obligatory “black cock” joke.

Here’s the video:

Thanks: Charlotte G.

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