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Reunited Superjoint [Ritual] Post Fun Video Footage

  • Axl Rosenberg

superjointAs previously announced, a version of Superjoint Ritual known for legal reasons simply as “Superjoint” will reunite for next month’s second annual Housecore Horror Festival in Austin, TX. The band has now posted “A special greeting from deep within the bowels of Louisiana” in the form of the below video, the vibe of which is perfect in a number of ways: they’re playing in exactly the right physical environment, they’re yelling over one another and don’t seem to have really scripted this shit out beforehand, they’re not taking themselves too seriously, and, perhaps best of all, Phil Anselmo says “Danzigs.” This would have brightened my morning no matter what, but, really, “Danzigs” made me giggle for like a solid minute.

This year’s Housecore Horror Fest will take place in Austin from October 23-26. In addition to Superjoint and Danzigs, the bill includes Satyricon, Eyehategod, Neurosis, Cattle Decapitation, Decapitated, Macabre, Unearth, and Portal. AND there’s the film festival portion of the event, which will include a fortieth anniversary reunion of all the key players from the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (save for the previously-announced Marilyn Burns, R.I.P.) Combo badges for both the music and film portions of all three days are just $199 for a limited time, while badges for just the music portion are $139. Get ’em here!

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