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Friday 5: Top Super-Low Riffs



Happy Friday, MetalSucks reader! Welcome to MetalSucks Friday 5, our awesome series that appears every Friday (duh) on MetalSucks (duhh) and involves the quantity of five (duhhh).

Here’s how it works: A list of best/worst/weirdest/whatever five somethings is posted by one of your beloved MetalSucks contributors or by one of our buds (like you?). Then you, our cherished reader, checks it out, has a chuckle, then chimes in with a list of the same. No sweat, just whatever springs to mind, k? (Just like that movie about those losers working at a Chicago record store!) After all, it’s Friday — the day dedicated by the gods to mindless, fun time-wasting. Now let us voyage to the place and time of Wallender and the Göteborg riots!



The Top Five Drop-Z Riffs!


David Lee RothmundMetalSucks contributor


1. Meshuggah | “In Death Is Life”
from Catch ThirtyThree
(Nuclear Blast) 2005 

It’s only about 30 seconds into this song that Meshuggah gets to their fucking point: Eight-string guitars reign.


2. Vildhjarta | “Phobon Nika”
from Måsstaden
(Century Media) 2011

This quieter, more interlude-like song on the near-perfect Måsstaden goes ape-nuts around 2:00 with enough thump for any rump.


3. Black Tongue | “Coma” 
from Born Hanged EP
(Century Media) 2014

This entire song is composed of detuned, downtempo fuck-you riffage, and the bit at 5:19 is as close to brown-noting as you can get.


4. The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza | “Death Eater”
from Danza IIII: The Alpha — The Omega
(Black Market Activities) 2012

I mean, does it get sexier than this?


5. Pantera | “Sandblasted Skin (Reprise)”
from The Great Southern Trendkill
(East West) 1996

Dimebag tuned down a couple notches to offer a weapons-grade opener on which he improves around 1:35. Classic!


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