Not Quite Metal?

Here’s a Punk Song About Goregrind

  • Axl Rosenberg

IMG_2081.JPGShort but sweet: the punk outfit Grim Deeds has released a song called “I Only Listen to Goregrind,” which, as more clever readers may have already deduced, is not about polka. And it’s pretty catchy, too, in a very 90s kinda way (it sounds like it should be playing the background a closing credits blooper reel from a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie.)

It’s also sure to incite flame wars: a whole lotta bands get name dropped, some of whom’s classification as “goregrind” is questionable. So, if nothing else, you should listen to the song so you can be an elitist prick (a.k.a. “Metal fans’ international pastime”).

Listen here.

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