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New Nero di Marte Song Makes Us Wonder: Just What is a “Pulsar” Anyway?


Nero di Marte - DerivaeThe Greek mathematician Euclid famously postulated that between any two points A and B one and only one distinct line can be drawn to connect them.

Having now heard two tracks from Nero di Marte’s forthcoming album Derivae — “Il Diluvio,” which we premiered here last month, and “Pulsar,” which Invisible Oranges just debuted — I think it’s pretty safe to start drawing conclusions about what Derivae is gonna sound like on the whole.

Here’s what I said in the write-up accompanying “Il Diluvio” last month, and having now heard “Pulsar” I’m sticking to it: “… it seems as if Nero di Marte are emphasizing their atmospheric side this time around, leaning away from the brutal-for-the-sake-of-brutal riffage in favor of something more cinematic and dramatic, almost post-metal-like.” We’ve said time and time again that we love it when bands evolve from release to release instead of repeating the same thing over and over again with minor variations, and that’s definitely what Nero di Marte are doing here.

Stream “Pulsar” below. Derivae comes out on October 28th via Prosthetic Records and can be pre-ordered hereIf you enter the special discount code “METALSUCKS” from now through September 8th you’ll get a whole 15% off your order; how’s that for a deal?

And in case you’re wondering the answer to our headline’s question, a pulsar is “a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation.” Read more about them here.

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