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The Contortionist’s Favorite Places to Visit on Tour



Driving through the American Southwest. There’s just something about the endlessly straight roads and the expansive openness of that part of the country. Plus, VEGAS!!!


Seattle, Washington. It’s not even about the shows there or the crowds or anything of that nature. The number one reason I love visiting is simple: Seattle-style hot dogs. Don’t knock the combination of toasted bun, a hot link, generous amounts of cream cheese, grilled onions, sauerkraut, and sriracha until you’ve tried it.


My favorite place to visit while on tour has definitely got to be the Pacific Northwest, just because I enjoy the geography. Love to enjoy the land and spend some time outside on days off. Hiking and camping is a must if you find yourself in the region, specifically Cle Elum in Washington. If you like scenic lakes surrounded by dark green snow-capped peaks, this is the place. The freshest rain, tallest mountains, and happiest people can all be found here!


Going camping while on the road with free time is always my goal. It’s refreshing to do something other than the rehearsal or stage grind with your homies.

Bill Oberrender (merch guy):

My personal favorite spot to work a show is Seattle. I love how vibrant and alive that area is. The neighborhood streets have so much landscaped vegetation, excellent food and way too many homies. Oh, and Sasquatch lives in the Quinault Rainforest next to Seattle. Extra dope.


Denver is one of my favorite places to play. The crowds always have an amazing energy and I’ve made some great friends there throughout the years.

Robby Brown:

From all the places touring has taken me, all around the world, nothing beats the vibes, good moods and amazing shows in L.A. From the friends, the different food spots, the awesome attendance, good venues, and of course the ocean, you can get the best of both worlds in California. You can drive through a desert, over a mountain, and enjoy the sea. Some of my favorite touring memories and shows have taken place in L.A. and it’s always a good time.

Robby Baca:

Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada. Cause it’s ducking beautiful.

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