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We’re Giving You The Death Penalty (Hey, You Deserve It)

  • Anso DF

death penalty self-titled

A dude who has listened to at least a few minutes of every metal and metalish album released since like 2011 will tell ya: It’s been a while since the release of so many awesome melodic records! By our count it’s been, like, one hooky classic with sweet singing per month starting in January (Lacuna Coil) all the way up to a month ago (He Is Legend), and a bunch of aces inbetween. What exactly is up with this? Is it that Ghost has gotten everybody in the mood again for tuneful, tasteful sangin’? Has it gotten around that Torche is brilliant? Is melody again a priority for our best bands? And am I somehow manifesting my very desires through Scientology-style mindpower?? Crazy!

It’s crazy too that we can predict the October entry in this series of heavy, hummable jams too! We’ll reveal that a bit down the road, but for now, let’s cheer September’s shoo-in for the ninth consecutive Album Destined To Be Sung In Your Shower: Death Penalty. It’s one of the dudes from Cathedral (so, doom riffs) and a mellifluous, blank singer (Michelle Nocon, ex-Serpentcult) who can wear the shit out of a jacket. Crank it up below cuz with a name like Death Penalty, their shit is unsearchable :)

Death Penalty’s self-titled debut is out Tuesday via Rise Above.  

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