The Skull ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’


Rarely does doom metal come as catchy as it does on The Endless Road Turns Dark, the sophomore effort from Chicago’s The Skull. Sinister, elephantine, melodic, melodic, psychedelic, and groove-laden, The Endless Road Turns Dark is the kind of album that offers such infectious, malevolent fun, it makes you wanna leave it on repeat for hours on end. How can music be this bleak and this addictive at once? The Endless Road Turns Dark is so goddamn good, we’re hesitant to even mention The Skull’s all-star pedigree, which not only reunites legendary Trouble members Eric Wagner (vocals) and Ron Holzner (bass), but also features guitarists Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn) and Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain) and drummer Brian Dixon (Cathedral). The Skull could be five dudes no one has ever heard of before, and it would still be worth your time. Trust us: you do not wanna miss this one.

MetalSucks is thrilled to be debuting The Endless Road Turns Dark today in advance of its release this Friday, September 7 on Tee Pee Records. Says Holzner of the album:

“It’s great to finally unleash this bad puppy onto the world!”

Adds Keller:

“The music on ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ takes you on a ride from one place to another… much like the journey we had making it. This record is another chapter in The Skull’s legacy of which we are very proud.”
Do yourself a favor and stream The Endless Road Turns Dark below. Once you’ve fallen in love with it, you’ll wanna pre-order it here. You’ll be glad ya did!

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