Devilment: Dani Filth’s New Band Doesn’t Sound Real

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sometimes, a musician or musicians will start a new project that is excellent on its own merits, and doesn’t just feel like some shitty vanity project that is only getting attention because of the band for which said musician or musicians is famous. Sometimes, that actually-worth-your-time new project has a fun sense of humor, too.

And sometimes, we get Devilment.

The band, which is fronted by Cradle of Filth’s Dani Notclean, has premiered a new video for the song “Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me” on Loudwire. That’s a funny name, and in the right hands — say, the Misfits when the Misfits were still good — it might have turned into an excellent lyrical concept for a totally rockin’ song. Alas, these are not the right hands: this sounds like the demo for some crappy local band whose greatest aspiration to sound like Devildriver. It’s really quite bad.

But if you need a laugh, you can check out the video below. The song will appear on the band’s debut album, The Grand and Secret Show, which comes out October 31 on Nuclear Blast.

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