Alternative Press Says These Twelve Bands are the Future of Metalcore

  • Axl Rosenberg

back to the future of metalcoreAlternative Press have released a list of the twelve bands that they believe to be the future of metalcore. Which is not a bad idea for a fun list! Except one problem: almost every band on it is really the present, or arguably even the past, of metalcore. Check it out:

  1. Issues
  2. Architects (U.K.)
  3. Bring Me The Horizon
  4. Beartooth
  5. Memphis May Fire
  6. Motionless in White
  7. Crown the Empire
  8. The Word Alive
  9. Wovenwar
  10. Northlane
  11. Erra
  12. Chelsea Grin

Not exactly a bunch of young up and coming bands, is it? The only ones that are even really new are Wovenwar and Beartooth, both of which are still revamped versions of veteran bands (those As I Lay Dying and Attack Attack!, respectively), and one of which is really not a metalcore band (Wovenwar ditched most of their “core” elements along with Tim Lambesis). I mean, fuck, Bring Me the Horizon’s debut album is almost ten years old! You might as well have put Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall on this list.

“Okay, wise ass, so who would you have put on the list?” I hear you snicker. Honestly, I have no clue — I’m not nearly plugged-in enough to the modern metalcore scene to make such a list. Which is why I’ve never attempted to make such a list! I read this one hoping to be turned on to some cool young bands with which I was previously unfamiliar, only to find this lot.

So now I turn to you, dear readers, to tell me: which bands do you think are the future of metalcore? Sound off in the comments section below. First person to say All That Remains gets banned. Ready? Set? GO!

[via The PRP]

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