Check Out the New Video from Soen, via Former Opeth Drummer Martin Lopez


SoenMartin Lopez quit Opeth in 2006, after which the band began their slow ascent into classic prog rock worship with the appropriately titled Watershed. It wasn’t one of those “creative differences” splits, at least according to the version we got publicly: Lopez cited health issues and anxiety as his reasons for stepping down from one of the biggest metal bands in the world.

While it’s no surprise that once Lopez resurfaced in his new outfit Soen that band’s sound was very reminiscent of his former employers, what’s remarkable is how similar a trajectory both bands have taken since. I don’t get the impression that Lopez bows down at the alter of Yes, but I can’t imagine they’re not an influence, and there’s a bit of a hard rock vibe going on too. Kind of like modern day Opeth meets Katatonia… and when is either of those things bad?

Check out the new Soen video for “Tabula Rasa” below. It comes from Soen’s sophomore album Tellurian, out November 3rd via Spinefarm. Pre-order here.

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