Wintersun’s Jari Mäenpää and Nuclear Blast Have Kissed and Made Nice with Each Other


Wintersun studioWintersun mastermind Jari Mäenpää kept the Metalnets entertained all summer long via his public feud with his band’s label Nuclear Blast. The tl;dr issue at hand: Wintersun’s long-awaited Time II album isn’t done and he wants to crowd-fund it (in addition to insisting he needs to build a complete recording studio from scratch to do so), but Nuclear Blast won’t let him because they claim they already gave him money for the album and are frustrated with his pace. Catch up on the story here.

Now it seems as if Mäenpää and Nuclear Blast have come to some semblance of terms about how to move forward. A Facebook post by Wintersun (but presumably really just by Mäenpää) is serving as a “test” to see what public interest in a crowd-funding campaign would be, Nuclear Blast allegedly having agreed to let it go forward if the band can prove there’s demand. Here’s the post, which by Mäenpää’s typically verbose standard is practically a haiku:

WINTERSUN STUDIO & TIME II CROWD FUNDING SURVEY (Please read first before liking!)

Good news guys! We have reached an agreement with Nuclear Blast. We gotta give them big props for coming through for us! But first, we need to do a little survey to estimate if we could actually reach our crowd funding goal (which is pretty damn high) before we rush into it. We need to estimate carefully our goal, what is possible and what is not before we can move forward with our plans. This is sort of a test run, but this will hopefully determine approximately how much support we would have. We also want to be clear that the crowd funding is not a charity, we are not asking for donations or anything for free. You would totally get your monies worth!

So we would like to know… If we did this crowd funding project, how many of you guys would be willing to pre-order a TIME II High Quality download package? Stem mixes and many other killer goodies would be included in the perk. All details will be revealed later, but this package would be huge, something never done before! Here´s a little taster what the package would include:

– High quality full album download (wav 24bit, 44.1kHz), exactly the way the album was recorded, mixed and mastered
– Includes all tracks (Fields of Snow, The Way of the Fire, One with the Shadows, Ominous Clouds, Storm, Silver Leaves)
– Beautiful PDF extended digital booklet with all crowd funding backer names included (optional)

– Separated mix tracks for all Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Melody Guitars & Solos, Vocals, Orchestrations of all songs
– Make your own mix, adjust the levels for your own liking, listen all the main instruments separately, discover and learn all the secrets inside the mix layers

But that´s just for starters, this package would include many other items and surprises. We feel very confident about this and trust that you all would go crazy about it! And this package is just the first perk on the list.  But this would be our main focus for the campaign.
The price would be very affordable and with the guarantee that 100% of the raised money would go for the funding of our studio and Wintersun´s album productions. This would be your chance of a lifetime to support us directly and get an insane TIME II package for your money at the same time (pun intended!). So win-win! All we want you to do for now is…

Please LIKE this post if you would buy and support us.

Please DO NOT click the LIKE if you would not buy.

AND PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO EVERYONE!!! Because it’s important that all our potential supporters see this post and we get some idea whether there’s a chance to reach our goal.


– Wintersun boys

To date the post has 7,260 likes and 1,758 shares. I’d say this thing is gonna go forward sooner rather than later.

Would you donate to such a crowd-funding campaign? Chime in below.

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