Noisey: Djent Metal Genre is “Trite As Hell,” Doomed

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“Surely he doesn’t mean Sikth!” Oh yes he does.

Taken one at a time, djent metal bands may deserve your attention. The genre to which they belong, however, is the product of internet hectoring, linguine-spined musicians, and insidious elitism. That’s according to an editorial yesterday at Noisey titled “It’s Time For Djent To Djie,” which draws the Djentiverse’s cosmology — the polyrhythms, the noodly riffs, the skronky chords — as borne of a big bang of chickenshittery. Imagine if you will, a battle between nerds and jocks in which jocks beg nerds for advice:

Djent is what happens after years of trolls telling metalcore kids in YouTube comment sections they should listen to “real metal.” Metalcore bros, Instead of staying in their own lane and doing their own thing, have had their feelings hurt to the point that they feel they must prove to “real metalheads” that they can also be edgy.

Our Sergeant D recently stated the same and that giving in to the peanut gallery could ruin a band completely. Noisey’s John Hill goes on to blast another party:

Really, the fault rests squarely on the shoulders of Periphery. As soon as these dudes came out of the gate, two-bit guitar players started copying the hell out of them. Upon first listen, you may think to yourself, “Wait a minute, what’s with that rhythm of boring, hum-drum chug riffs? I thought I was listening to a technical band, not Emmure!” See, that’s the funniest part about this whole scene. If you remove the off-time guitar parts and the boring noodly bits, the track is reduced to your standard fare of Hot Topic-core scene metal. Breakdowns, lame-o scream/sing tradeoffs, and not much else make [Periphery] sound like Saosin covering Meshuggah at a high school talent show. 

Ouch. That’s just the start of it, for Hill takes aim on MetalSucks faves Sikth and other offenders. Read his cease-and-desist order in full here.

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