Viral Vomit

Focus Topics on Second Episode of Ziltoid TV: Boobies and Poop


ZiltoidWhat happens when the intergalactic coffee-seeking creature known as Ziltoid the Omniscient conducts recon on Earth, a prospective replacement planet for his dying homeland of Ziltoidia? A little insubordination of the collective and a pre-adolescent obsession with mammary glands and feces, it turns out. Not that we can blame the guy: boobies and poop are, have always been and will always be funny! Watch as the Devin Townsend-created character — whose skulleted dreadlocks are looking killer these days (Devin’s own, if I’m not mistaken) — updates the collective on the progress of his human research project in episode 2 of Ziltoid TV, below. Watch episode 1 here if you missed it.

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