Twerk for Tickets: Show Mastodon Your Rippling Rump, Win Tickets to See Them on Tour


Mastodon Twerk Halloween Shirt
Ever since the heated backlash to their twerk-tastic “Motherload” video, the four gents in Mastodon have been fired up on a Twerking Crusade. First they debuted a provocative Halloween t-shirt (above) that invokes the power of rippling rear-ends, and now they’ve taken it a step further: in a contest the band posted to Facebook last night, Mastodon are offering free tickets to shows on their upcoming tour in exchange for photos of their fans’ fannies in full undulation. Here’s the call for entries:

We’re giving away tickets to our upcoming tour, and all you have to do is twerk for it. Take a photo of your best twerk and upload it to Facebook. Bonus points if you’re wearing Asstodon shorts (http://bit.ly/1p6LVem). To be considered, you must caption your photo like this:

“I want to see Mastodon on [INSERT DATE OF THE SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND] at [INSERT VENUE OF SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND]. Check out my ‪#‎Asstodon‬.”

We’ll choose a few of our favorites to get tickets and also feature some on our page. Get inspiration for your photo from our new video for “The Motherload” below and check out our upcoming tour dates athttp://www.mastodonrocks.com/tour. We like our Facebook page and we’re sure you do as well, so please keep your photos R-rated.

This is pretty much the most genius marketing campaign ever: not only are they stoking the fire of angry reactionists, not only are they creatively promoting their upcoming tour, not only are they directly engaging fans on social media, but they are plugging their cleverly named Asstodon shorts for that extra buck in the bank! I’m jealous I didn’t think of this idea myself for a contest on MetalSucks.

Of course, this contest begs the question: how exactly does one take a photo of a twerk? Twerking seems like one of those things for which you really need video to capture the zeitgeist. So basically Mastodon are just asking for a bunch of pictures of large asses. Dudes, you are my heroes… you win at life!


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