Phil Anselmo and Dave Hill are Becoming Metal’s Answer to Abbott and Costello


The 2014 fall television season is shit — maybe even shittier than most fall television seasons. Gotham is shit, Mulaney is shit, the show with Harold and Nebula is shit, the show with Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife and the Jew from Mad Men is shit. Shit, shit, shitty-shit-shit.

Luckily, we have the alwaysreliable comedy team of Anselmo and Hill to keep us entertained. They’ve just debuted the premiere episode of their new Metal Injection series, Metal Grasshopper (young people — it’s a Kung Fu joke), in Anselmo teaches Hill to be “a badass metal motherfucker.” We can think of no better sensei for such an endeavor… and no more hilariously inept student.

Watch the first episode below, Grasshoppers. You can keep up with future episodes on Dave Hill’s Metal Injection channel!

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