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Abysmal Dawn’s “Borem” Won’t Bore ‘Em

  • Axl Rosenberg

“Laborem Morte Liberat Te” is Latin for “Hard work frees you.” Which is entirely true. Not just in the “practice makes perfect” sense, but also in the sense that, for example, if you try to listen to a Motionless in White song, it will be really hard to get through the whole thing, but once it’s over you’ll be like, “YES! I’M FREE!!!

Not hard work: listening to the new Abysmal Dawn jam, which takes its name from that pithy Latin phrase. I mean, the song might make you break a sweat, but it’ll be from rocking out as hard as you possibly can, not from the mental constipation that can result from, say, attempting to make it through an entire Attila album. Listen:

“Laborem Morte Liberat Te” appears on Abysmal Dawn’s latest offering, Obsolescence, which comes out October 27 on Relapse.

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